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A tree service professional is just a call away in Kalispell, MT

You can always rely on our professionals 
I have personally been doing tree work for over 25 years. I take pride in what we do. Our ultimate goal is make sure that our customers are satisfied. We have a great reputation for quality work and excellent cleanup. Our guys are hard working and efficient, and we work until the job is done. A happy customer is our first priority. So for the very best in tree care in Kalispell, be sure to call on the professionals here at L & M Tree Service first!

Always safe

One facet of tree care that many "do it yourselfers" take for granted is having to climb trees to do their own trimming. Climbing a tree can be more dangerous than you think. And when you add a chainsaw into the mix, it can be a recipe for disaster. 

Don't take chances! Our professionals are just that: professionals. We always come equipped with harnesses, pulleys, and ropes to keep everyone and your property out of danger. At L & M Tree Service, we believe in safety first!
A tree service professional is just a call away in Kalispell, MT

Experienced care

Because of our extensive experience, especially where the trees of Kalispell are concerned, our professionals are adept at spotting common problems and issues and quickly providing an effective solution to our customers. Sometimes a tree that looks too far gone can be saved with a little extra care. Always rely on a professional to be sure.

Expert care

When you're in need of tree care, whether it's pruning, trimming, or deciding whether or not to save a sick tree, you can count on our professionals to do an expert job. From knowing the proper trimming and pruning techniques, to removal of a dangerous tree, we can do it all. Call us in Kalispell today!

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