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Premier Tree Services in Whitefish, MT

Full-service tree trimming and removal
At L & M Tree Service, we offer more than just tree trimming service. In fact, that's only the beginning. Our services also include fire reduction, dangerous tree removal, scrub care, and so much more. We can assist with your decisions concerning when to trim, view clearing, health of trees, and whether or not a tree may need to be removed. Dangerous trees are our specialty. Our professionals can assess any dangerous situation, and effectively make the proper plans for removal or trimming in the safest manner.

Tree removal

Our tree service can also provide tree felling, when the situation demands it. Although we prefer to save trees whenever possible, sometimes it just isn't possible. At L & M Tree Service, our team has a tremendous safety record. We always protect people and property when we begin the process of felling a tree. We're fully insured and ready to tackle any job. Call us in Kalispell today.
tree removal in Whitefish, MT
Tree trimming in Whitefish, MT

Tree trimming

At L & M Tree Service, we offer a full spectrum of trimming services. 

We can shape and trim all sizes and varieties of trees, both deciduous and non-deciduous. We also prune fruit trees and provide shrub care and maintenance.

Stump grinding

Our tree service is also ready to provide stump grinding services of stumps of any size large and small. 

We can also grind exposed roots to level any surface and prepare the ground for the landscaping of your choice.
Stump grinding in Whitefish, MT

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